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Monte Top 10 Bikini Anime Girls List
  • Lloyd Atsushi Mimura directs BanG Dream! Sayaka Miki Magical girl from Madoka Magica.
Quinton This Summer's New Swimming Anime Will Get Female Fans Thirsty
  • Dean In order to fix that, Momo travels to earth to pretend to be a normal earth girl while using her magic —which allows her to become an adult with the abilities needed for the situation- to make earthlings have faith in dreams again. Asuna Yuuki Sword Art Online with 431 votes Did your favorite scantily-clad character make it on the list? Imagine a cute little critter reaches you and tells you that he can grant any wish you have, no matter how impossible it seems.
Stacey SWIMMING IN OUR UNDIES! (9/8/13) Day 777
  • Elvin. Despite having lots of self-confidence and even sometimes, being too overconfident.
  • Galen This is different from the common choice in older mahou shoujo anime where villains were sexy human-like beings in eccentric outfits. Magical Girl Raising Project is a fun phone app that is very popular among middle school students.
Calvin Top 10 Bikini Anime Girls List
  • Tony Juvia Lockser Juvia, the water mage.
  • Ryan She has a loving family and precious friends at her side. Usagi Tsukino is a very clumsy girl who dreams of getting married and be happy forever.
Randal SWIMMING IN OUR UNDIES! (9/8/13) Day 777
  • Grady But she was the one who popularized the idea of fighting girls who could still be sensitive, romantic, and more importantly, friendly.
  • Laverne But at the same time her heart is so pure you could trust her every word without a doubt in the world.
Cameron Top 10 Most Attractive Anime Female Characters in Swimsuit
  • Felix Sayaka Maizono Sayaka from Danganronpa. However, on its own, it is a funny, light-hearted show with slapstick humor and awesome bad guys that's especially entertaining for a younger audience or those not amused by violence.
Kimberly Top 10 Best Anime Beach Episodes
  • Margaret Yet, this is the special charm of Kore wa Zombie desuka. I had planned to talk a lot this week about the Guilty Gear Strive beta, which took place over the weekend, but… well, if you also got into the beta, you probably know that it was a bit of a mess.
  • William Charlotte Dunois Infinite Stratos with 201 votes 5.
Neal Top 10 Most Attractive Anime Female Characters in Swimsuit
  • Denis Umi Sonoda is one of the 9 main characters from Love Live School Idol Project. Heroine Amu Hinamori doesn't know what she wants to be once she grows up.
Elvis SWIMMING IN OUR UNDIES! (9/8/13) Day 777
  • Lenny It has a lot of dark themes and imagery, as well as some of the most tragic villains in any magical girl series, and because of that, it earns the third place on our list. And of course, what is your favorite part of each series? This is all caused by her brutal, tough upbringing as a child.
Johnie Swimming Class
  • Riley Mikoto Misaka Toaru Majutsu no Index and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun with 345 votes 1. But she is not alone on her quest since her friend Tomoyo is always by her side.
  • Joesph Chocolat Meilleure and Vanilla Mieux are the latest candidates, and, despite being best friends, they also happen to be rivals. Our protagonist Aikawa Ayumu is - like the title might suggest - in fact a Zombie.
Bryon Swimming Class
  • Luciano As far as this trope goes, Infinite Stratos manages to make a pretty good show out of this. Hopefully I could show you how diverse Magical Girl anime can be and that there is much more to them than playing dress-up.
  • Joaquin Todd Haberkorn - 11 minutes, 58 seconds - Go to channel - WatchMojo. I mean, seeing a high school boy transform and fighting in a pink dress just cannot be seen as a serious representation of this genre.