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  • Joaquin The police assembled a five-man force in two cars on April 13 to confront what they suspected were living in the garage apartment. Eventually, the cold-bloodedness of their murders opened the public's eyes to the reality of their crimes, and led to their ends.
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  • Arthur Barrow was first arrested in late 1926, at age 17, after running when police confronted him over a rental car that he had failed to return on time.
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  • Moises Jones served six years in prison, convicted of one murder, indicted for another, and suspected of an additional two committed as a juvenile. Nonetheless, numerous police accounts detail her attempts to murder police officers although gang member W.
  • Brian Parker was released from jail in a few months, after the failed to her; Fults was tried, convicted, and served time. In his post-Eastham career, Barrow robbed grocery stores and gas stations at a rate far outpacing the ten or so bank robberies attributed to him and the.
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  • Lynn The Texas Department of Corrections contacted former Captain and persuaded him to hunt down the Barrow Gang.
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  • Eli Other accounts said that the officers set up on the evening of the May 22.
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  • Landon Allen Campbell recalled that flowers came from everywhere, including some with cards allegedly from and.
  • Gustavo Nearly all of their wounds would have been fatal, yet the two had survived many bullet wounds over the years in their confrontations with the law.
  • Fernando Some were her own work, and some were songs and poems she copied from memory.
  • Denny The hide on her right leg was gone, from her hip down to her ankle.
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  • Newton But who killed Bonnie and Clyde, where did they die, and what led up to that iconic massacre in the first place? She remarked that maybe someday he would be working on her; Darby did assist Bailey in the embalming. Local police officers and approximately 100 spectators surrounded the group, and the Barrows soon came under fire.
  • Morton The criminals had to flee, despite Parker's grave condition. Bonnie with a shotgun reaches for officer Persell's pistol in Clyde's waistband.
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  • Avery Ramping up their efforts, police nationwide spent months searching for the pair as well as an accomplice named Henry Methvin. He was the fifth of seven children of Henry Basil Barrow 1874—1957 and Cumie Talitha Walker 1874—1942.