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  • Brian However, with that being said, the character creation suite is truly remarkable and the amount of options and freedom of choice that you have when creating your dream woman is truly staggering. Honey Select though goes much deeper than that.
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  • Jeremiah You could ask for legal council, and you will probably be advised not to use Pirated Software, or software not sold or legally available outside the host country. The character creation tools in Honey Select are just insane.
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  • Marcel Author Posted on Categories , , Search for: Search My Blogs.
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  • Mark Honey Select is one of those games that many people have heard about, been warned about and also have been curious about.
  • Julian A: Press F2 to see the controls or check here: Studio Neo controls: Honey Select controls: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final note --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you plan to install update 1.
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  • Erin You can test it with these cards: Version 1. Thanks to the super-detailed controllers, the whole experience is very interactive.
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  • Marquis Now the character, no matter how you make her is always going to have a kind of anime look to her, but if you have a celebrity crush then you can more than likely make a pretty good representation of her in Honey Select.
  • Ronnie Author Posted on Categories , , , So I finally took the leap and started importing in maps and objects into Honey Studio. I think the game Resets values back to within the normal range of the game.
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  • Carlton The number of positions and things you can do with her a truly crazy. Thanks so much to the creator who designed and shared! Create Who You Want The first thing that you will be tasked with doing in Honey Select is creating a lady for you to try and have your way with.
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  • Vicente The idea of Honey Select is that you meet up with a girl in a hotel and you need to… well, you know. Of course, you can make her breasts and butt as large as you want.
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  • Morton They are just such pretty girls! Not sure why the game fails to convert them maybe its because of a face mod or maybe wide slider mod.