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  • Bud The point here is sex as character development, as metaphor, as art. Hollywood still doesn't offer that much group sex at least onscreen and such teacher-student relations scream with inappropriateness.
  • Edgardo Then she awakens: The entire scene is a daydream. Director: Frank Capra Not-quite-bedfellows: Claudette Colbert, Clark Gable The film A slapstick comedy starring Claudette Colbert as a spoiled heiress running away to elope with the wrong guy.
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  • Ricky Director: Fred Zinnemann Beachfellows: Deborah Kerr, Burt Lancaster The film As the U. Reproduction of our site design, as well as part or totality of our links is prohibited.
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  • Mitchell Insisting that the film should be played in museums and admitting that she and Gallo had been intimate before, Sevigny was openly proud of her involvement in the project.
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  • Paul The sex scene Having rescued curvy Miriam from being sold to the highest bidder, Aladdin gets her alone and the animation turns extremely trippy: Think purple skin tones and lots of floral motifs.
  • Christine The sex scene For his first sex scene, Diggler Wahlberg is paired with veteran porn icon Amber Waves Moore. The sex scene Brando pins Schneider facedown on a hardwood floor and indulges his fondness for dairy products in an unforgettable fashion.
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  • Hugh Brokeback Mountain picked up three Oscars from eight nominations in 2006, but not Best Picture which went to Crash. Many of these films have won ; some are classic.
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  • Nigel The clampdown— Deep Throat was banned in certain parts of the U. The sex scene The movie is loaded with illicit trysts but the sexiest thing in Unfaithful is Lane's flushed face as she rides Metro-North home, the memories of a sweaty afternoon playing in her head.
  • Lynn Being in one of them—though sometimes, it's probably neck and neck. Then Oliver discovers him, and things get even hotter.
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  • Elvin The sex scene When hubby discovers Rampling in her secret Parisian love nest, he pulls back the sheets to reveal her simian playmate.
  • Brock The sex scene No sex here, just a tricky situation: Colbert and Gable are forced to spend the night together in a hotel room pretending to be husband and wife when their bus breaks down.
  • Kim The scene is famous for being the first time British audiences got to see pubes on the big screen yes, said hairs are exclusively female. In each gallery you can entertain yourself with amazingly exciting sex scenes in which hot and horny girls are satisfying their fuckers with deepthroat blowjobs or being passionately fucked in tiny tight assholes.
  • August Director: Steven Shainberg Bedfellows: Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Spader The film A hard-charging lawyer Spader hires an unstable young assistant Gyllenhaal who turns the tables on him in a sadomasochistic relationship conducted after hours.
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