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  • Gerald I truly love sex, and I believe that comes through in the videos that I upload on this site. The sounds I make and the expressions on my face tell the whole story.
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  • Mickey Most of the encounters that I have are spontaneous, so things like lighting, sound, and camera angles aren't given much thought. This is what amateur porn is all about! However, what you will find in my video's is Real Fucking, not faking, and 100% hardcore action, not acting.
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  • Weldon That's why some of my video's don't have the same technical quality that the professionally produced video's contain. I weigh 92 lbs, have tiny tits, and a round, sexy ass.
  • Norris Every one of my squeals, screams, and squirts are the product of the pleasure I am experiencing, and when I have an orgasm it's obvious that I'm not faking it there either.
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  • CarltonThe first thing that people notice about me is how tiny I am.
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