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  • Emily So many boys are addicted to my beautiful, full lips. Seeing me with this nice big cock between my legs makes you weak.
  • LemuelPosition me back on the bed, slide it in and roll back onto my hands and feet and fuck it harder and harder, count me down from 10 and cum all over myself.
Bryant Miss Kelle Martina
  • Benito You finish with her, all satisfied and both just in panties talking, looking down at me.
Amy Miss Kelle Martina
  • Emile Having confidence in my own beauty allows me to use tease and seduction expertly. Your other options are to stroke fast, stroke slow, or to stop entirely until I spin again.
Elizabeth Miss Kelle Martina
  • Errol Remember, my strap-on never goes soft — so I am only going to stop when I decide to! You'll definitely still be feeling me the next day.
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  • Jerome I love enacting domestic scenes and slave training scenarios.
  • Napoleon Using your boots to make me weak, you explain that you're going to make me suck cock for money and to pay you. I enjoy wearing deep shades of lipstick to accentuate the curves and seduction of my mouth.
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  • Salvatore Get me to put on the purple fuzzy sweater you sent me, fuzzy socks and gloves. Remind me about being a 38-year-old virgin and laugh.
  • Carmen And any pre-cum that comes out I have to smear it on my lips and mouth.
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  • Steve Now, I craft fantasies, indulge imaginations and push limits in my sensual and playful sessions. I have a large wardrobe of sexy clothing and costumes, ready to tease and thrill.
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  • Casey This is something I enjoy doing and not a punishment.
  • Parker As a submissive, I enjoy thoroughly pleasing my Dominant. Then clean it up whichever way you see fit - rub all over my face if you want! Wardrobe: Fuzzy sweater, fuzzy socks, fuzzy gloves, lacey bra, and underwear.
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  • Emory I love doing custom videos, since it means getting to know more about your fetish and exploiting it to the fullest! I enjoy roles such as the nurturing Mommy, conniving cheerleader, or seductive secretary.