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  • Royal Hollow breasts offer a slightly softer feel with less weight, while solid breasts feel firmer and heavier.
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  • Deborah Highly customizable and ultimately pleasurable, these dolls will rarely leave room for dissatisfaction.
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  • Hershel Lola is a fabulous wonder slut with an appetite for cock so strong that you can hear her pussy rumble from a mile away. No problem, we understand that everyone is different, and your personalized touch may make all the difference! Things moved pretty quickly for Lola as she introduced those monster shlongs up her vajeen and later down the backdoor fuck canal.
  • Hiram Sometimes she is known as Lola Vargas, other times she goes by Lola Martin, but in our hearts and minds and ball sacks, she is just fine being simply Lola.
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  • Morton Lola also has a constant hankering for those cock-wallets buried between the sumptuous thighs of any girl with a pulse and some moisture.
  • Laurence The gel implanted breasts are a mix of both solid and hollow, offering the most realistic feel overall. Breasts come either pre-filled solid with air inside hollow or with gel implanted gel.
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  • Vince They can be equipped with an internal heating system, providing a life-like sensation of warmth.
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  • Marcus The distinctions between these plastic types are an important consideration for any prospective doll owner. With plenty of room for customizing, anyone can create the best male sex doll for themselves.
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  • Sang From smoothly sculpted to nicely bushy, from amply to giftedly endowed, our dolls are handsomely handcrafted.
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  • Tad Born and raised in Moorpark, California, in Ventura Country, she was never far off from the glam and glitter of Los Angeles and Porno Valley. .
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  • Carroll Half American and half Cuban, this girl knows when to lay just the right amount of Latina heat into her performances. Built and designed to anatomical perfection, our male sex dolls provide a two-way penetrative function.
  • Dominique From skin tone to toenail color to eye and hair colour — we offer a wide selection of free customization options. Below, you will also find useful paid add-ons, to help with storage, transport and even modifications to make things feel more realistic.