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  • Bobby The film received six nominations at the : , , Affleck , Williams , and Longergan. The plot follows a man after his brother dies and he is entrusted with caring for his teenage nephew.
  • Luciano Teddy Bergman Does she have any children? Appearing in an award-season contender with a rarefied cast also including Michelle Williams and Kyle Chandler is a noteworthy feat for Baryshnikov in her first major film role, but it only signals the beginning for the young actress. In the film, most of her scenes are with Hedges, but director Kenneth Lonergan set up a two-week rehearsal in New York prior to shooting, during which she had the opportunity to observe Affleck, Chandler, and Williams at work.
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  • Jayson The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The icon beamed as he posed with the star at the New York premiere of her new film, Manchester By The Sea.
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  • Heather They started dating in some time ago.
  • Normand Baryshnikov has been steeped in performing arts since even before her first, inauspicious appearance on stage. Her role: Anna plays Sandy in the R-rated drama, Machester by the Sea The film stars Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler, a man who is left to care for his nephew after his brother Joe -played by Friday Night Light's star Kyle Chandler- dies.
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  • Alvin Some people live with their trauma for years. Critics particularly complimented the performances of Affleck, Williams, and Hedges, as well as Lonergan's screenplay and direction.
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  • Brian She has been in a relationship with theater actor Teddy Bergman.
  • Zachery Lee deflects her apology, feeling that he does not deserve it. The scene was determined to be too expensive to film, although Damon said that the unexpected financial success of the film means it could have been shot after all.
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  • Cornelius Following her high school graduation, Baryshnikov attended Northwestern University and graduated in 2014.
  • Mohamed It would have been a retreating drone shot of a flashback of Affleck's and Williams' characters, along with their children and extended family, on his brother's boat, with others. The listed the film as their.
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  • Wilfredo The film received critical praise and was widely counted among the best films of the year, with the listing it as the.
  • Chuck Damon had previously worked with Lonergan on the 2011 film. However, Damon would not have a break in his schedule for another year.
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  • Octavio His negligence while intoxicated led to a house fire that killed the children.
  • Alton They announced they would collaborate on the project on September 6, 2014, and began on September 8, 2014. Anna Baryshnikov has no children.
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  • Ed Anna Baryshnikov is best known for being a.