My first story album. Discography

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  • Stephanie On August 19, 2012, they appeared at the.
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  • Sammie The Itsuwari Neurose tour was held over 2 months, with the final at.
  • Rosario In the same year, on December 12, the band released their sixth album entitled All Secret Tracks. In October 2011, they appeared in a music event sponsored by Sanei Shobo Co.
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  • Sidney In October 2015, guitarist and leader Sho announced he'd go on hiatus due to personal circumstances. Summer Sonic Website in Japanese.
  • Loyd Asking for permission before using my work would be highly appreciated. Formed in 2011, the band currently consists of vocalist , guitarist Teruki Nishizawa, bassist Nobuaki Katou, and drummer Shouhei Sasaki.
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  • Clarence The band joined Swanky Dank, Blue Encount and , 3 other indie bands, to make a split album project, titled Boneds in the beginning of 2014.
  • Dominick On April 4, 2012, eight months after the formation, they released their first full album, self-titled My First Story, that by 2013 had already sold 20,000 copies. The limited bundle was only available for pre-order until April 15.
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  • Clinton Despite his absence onstage with his band members, Sho remains present in My First Story's following albums, credited as composer or sound producer. We are just breaking up To be continued…? On March 3, 2016, the drummer Masack announced withdrawal.
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  • Homer Opening theme song of series. This work was the first release from the record label Intact Records established by Core Trust which operates Subciety.
  • Reuben Just random otaku stuffs reviews and jrock translations.
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  • Rafael English is not my first language, feel free to let me know about any mistakes.
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  • Ariel What does this dead heart say? On December 2, Sho performed in his last oneman show before his hiatus. Several shows had to be postponed due to vocalist Hiro and drummer Masack becoming sick with.
  • Aron They appeared in several music festivals such as , , , and many more.
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  • Genaro Kare hateta kokoro wa nani to iu? Their debut album My First Story 2012 caught people's attention and put them in lineups of major.
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  • Morton The album ranked number 14 on the Oricon charts. As of now, none of the members have reactivated their social media accounts.
  • Dominic Only a little later, the newly founded formation decided to add another guitarist and Hiro remembered Teru who he had already tried to start a band with in their highschool days.
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  • Vince In November 2011, they appeared in a music event sponsored by the street fashion brand Subciety Sub-society.
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  • Van Their fourth studio album Antithese 2016 ranked 4th on chart, and directed their first live show, gathering 12,000. It will contain eight previously released songs, rearranged with a full orchestra.