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  • Carmelo Governor Greene's Declaration: No longer will women sit back and be sexual objects to men, unless on occasion we choose to be.
  • Tanner The revolution had indeed begun. I closed the door to my apartment and took the package to my kitchen table.
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  • Marlin These theme parties cater to upper class woman of curiosity who have sufficient disposable money to enjoy a private night of lesbian play in an elegant environment.
Stephen NylonParty: Christmas Initiation
  • Johnie You were invited by recommendation.
  • Tyrone I recalled my favourite lesbian story, where two mistresses go head to head to take charge as the ultimate Mistress, and how stimulating I found the idea of submitting to a strong-willed and experienced older woman.
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  • Sylvester If I went, I knew I would be wearing white with a seam.
  • Oliver Thus the idea of NylonParty was created, which is for curious women of any economic level, often including women in relationships with men, to explore their bi side in a safe and comfortable, but not necessarily five-star, environment.
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  • Colin These new NylonParty events are quite similar to those of the Skirt Clubs, except they are more inclusive.
  • Joel Summary: Straight girl has the greatest coming out party of all time.
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  • Eugene Her theory that sexuality was fluid and needn't be limited to categories such as straight or gay or bi, and that ninety percent of women had considered the idea of having sex with another woman, had me confirming my sexuality, one I'd been hiding away from other people for the past semester.
  • Pierre It was a single sentence followed by a chart. As this female revolution occurs simultaneously with increasing number of men exploring their own sexuality in non-traditional ways, we feel it is time to enhance the revolution by providing women safe places to be completely free from the male-based hierarchy and its archaic and prohibitive views of feminine sexuality, and to encourage their inhibitions to be completely freed.
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  • Kris A seam down the back indicates Domme, no seam means Mistress see definitions section for more. In conclusion, we now know that female sexuality is fluid.
  • Son The hottest girl I had ever seen face to face kissed me.
Duane NylonParty: Christmas Initiation
  • Robt I opened the envelope and found a letter. She waved and I waved distractedly back, and then she stepped into the elevator and was gone.
  • Alton Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert and Wayne for editing. But because of my somewhat neurotic tendencies I would be wondering all night who'd been at the door and that would keep me up.
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  • Amy On December 10 th the revolution begins.
  • Wallace No longer will women allow themselves to be silenced by centuries of male suppression.
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  • Emilio I loved to please, which is why when I had a boyfriend which I hadn't had since leaving him behind to come to Boston I sucked him whenever he asked, swallowed and took facials, wore his cum at a drive-in and even let him do anal once which I eventually enjoyed once I got past the initial pain.
  • Clifford The third showed two women kissing. I just kept staring like a horny teenage boy.
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  • Gus I wondered if the Mindy I'd just met was the same Mindy as in that story. Show your support for the cause by wearing white nylons.
  • Alexander I clicked on the term Mistress to see what the difference was between the two dominant terms. Nylon Parties are not orgies, as men have described them or fantasized them to be although they can turn into them.
Yong NylonParty: Christmas Initiation
  • Jake Due to our desire for secrecy and not wishing to have any party crashers, portions of this letter are rather vague. And she had easily recognized my Elegance Stockings, which were prominent in the story.