Pastor mark driscoll controversy. Mark Driscoll Resigns from Mars Hill

Felipe Driscoll’s New Church
  • Martin He will never have to justify his theology, behavior, or character as long as the money keeps coming in.
  • Ross He has disregarded public decency and the biblical virtues of modesty, purity and self-control. Driscoll's theology draws inspiration from historical theologians, including , , and , along with the , , and.
Burton Mark Driscoll
  • Maurice Anything outside those boundaries was off limits.
Blair Mark Driscoll
  • Nestor Calvinism and the garbage that it is, according to Driscoll. This sort of theology is best supported with pop-Christian sound bites.
  • Young After hearing of Mefferd's plagiarism accusations, and psychology professor took interest and became a prominent critic of Driscoll and Mars Hill, documenting other examples of perceived plagiarism, abuse reported by former Mars Hill members, and questionable uses of church finances.
Sanford Mark Driscoll
  • Ernie During the same sermon, Driscoll stated that he had once advised a woman that she ought to perform oral sex upon her husband, and to apologize for her past unwillingness to do so; Driscoll added that later, the woman's husband was influenced to become a Christian because she had followed this advice.
  • Napoleon His bio on the attributes authorship of Real Marriage and Who Do You Think You Are? This time around, he is preaching macho-forgiveness.
Scot Mark Driscoll Ridicules Reformed Theology
  • Brice He declined to comment for this story to 12 News. When I first became a Christian, it was through a large charismatic campus ministry.
Salvador About Pastor Mark Driscoll
  • Rupert The forgiveness challenge Mark just did is of a piece with teaching on forgiveness he was doing ten years ago. He preached two sermons Sunday morning focusing on the Biblical stories of Jonah.
  • Joaquin Well, Belgium held on to win 2-1. Even LifeWay and Crossway had enough sense to drop Driscoll.
Trevor Mark Driscoll: The Five Points of Calvinism are Garbage
  • Zachariah What bothers me worse is the idea among some anti-charismatics that basically God has gone off and left us with nothing but some ancient writings and our own wits. In 1988, when Pastor Mark was a 17-year-old high school student, a young woman named Grace gave him a nice Bible.
Van Mark Driscoll Ridicules Reformed Theology
  • Rodrick. Born in North Dakota, Mark Driscoll grew up the son of a union dry-waller in south Seattle.
Lincoln About Pastor Mark Driscoll
  • Ali In 2010 Preaching Magazine named Driscoll one of the top 25 most influential pastors of the past 25 years. He was joined by another friend who supported the witness.