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  • Donovan She is a former model and the former wife Tiger Woods, the golfing icon. What to see and where to go in Uppsala? A little further than the square is the Orebro Theater.
  • Eddie The scenic beauty of Vättern is well appreciated by the locals and international visitors. There are lots of castles in Skåne, and we also have some of the best beaches in Sweden.
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  • Wallace Interestingly, Wadkoping was a real urban area that residents gradually abandoned.
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  • Darrell Uppsala is one of the largest cities in Sweden. Resulting from Quaternary glaciations which took place nearly 10,000 years ago, Vänern houses some rare and exquisite aquatic species.
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  • Gonzalo Born and raised in Sweden, this Hollywood actress is one of the. While I love the countryside, I am looking forward to having the kids in childcare, having a place in the city, and being able to focus on work a bit more.
  • Kathleen This multicultural city, with 150 ethnicities, is linked via Oresund Bridge to Denmark. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress.
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  • Carmine Castles of Southern Sweden Castles.
  • Buddy She is a Swedish fashion model.
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  • Jonah Seychelles - The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.
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  • Ervin East of Ystad is the megalithic monument of Ales Stenar, consisting of 59 large boulders forming a stone ship.
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  • Luther This fortress was used to defend against the danish invaders, and much of it is still well-preserved.
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  • Jordan The Brit fashion pack can't get enough of Swedish imports like Acne, Cheap Monday and Fillippa K. She is the 9th Most Beautiful Swedish Women In The World 2018 and also on our list.