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Bernard LGBT rights in Brazil
  • Theodore On February 1, 2019, , a black gay representative, replaced , as Wyllys announced in January 2019 that he had left the country due to death threats.
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  • Ollie As of 2019, Amapá, Minas Gerais, Pará, Santa Catarina and Sergipe do not address discrimination against transgender people. The status of in has expanded since the end of the in 1985, and the creation of the new of 1988.
  • Alec Religion is the most cited reason for opposing gay rights.
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  • Wilfredo Moacyr Sélia, a transvestite hairdresser, sought reelection as a councilmember, in the north of the state of , representing the.
  • Roy On May 5, 2011, the voted in favor of granting same-sex couples the same 112 legal rights as married couples. Main article: is legal in Brazil, because Brazilian laws do not specifically prohibit it.
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  • Royce This fact is constantly used by the opposition of the anti-discrimination law to show that there is no need for specific laws.
  • Jermaine Federal prosecutors from the state of Rio Grande do Sul had argued that sex reassignment surgery is covered under a constitutional clause guaranteeing medical care as a basic right.
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  • Evan Eventually, on 13 June, the Supreme Court issued its final ruling, in a 8-3 vote.
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  • Rodolfo According to association , Brazil has the highest number of murdered transgender people, with 900 homicides between 2008 and 2016, far ahead of 271 , and nearly half of 2. Same-sex couples were determined to be de facto partners by the Superior Justice Tribunal in 2006.
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  • Aldo Several states have also established public taskforces and commissions to investigate reports of discrimination.
  • Chuck Sexual orientation cannot be an obstacle for entry into the police force or the military in Brazil.
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  • Leonard Brasil de Fato in Portuguese. And the female population of the city of had 10.
  • Jamie In 2010, a survey conducted by and revealed that by age of 18, 95% of homosexual youth in Brazil had already revealed their homosexuality, with many acknowledging it by the time they were 16. The main strategy is to occupy public spaces so as to make possible an effective exchange of experiences, elevate the self-esteem of homosexuals and sensibilise society towards tolerance and acceptance of differences.
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  • Rudolph Many famous Brazilians turn to Afro-Brazilian religions in search of miracles to solve personal or family problems. To the extent that the latter insist on distinguishing themselves from transvestites, it is because transsexuals consider that they were born into the wrong body, whereas transvestites do not experience as deeply internal conflicts in relation to their male bodies.