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  • Rusty Abrahamian was replaced as guitarist by. He also felt, however, that the band should dissolve without him, and when the other members disagreed, he sued over money and the rights to the name Jefferson Starship in October 1984.
  • Jennifer They released an album in 1994 but broke up the following year, and Page issued his solo debut, Shelter Me, in 1996; he eventually moved into Disney musicals, among other vocal gigs. One with an exhaustive listing of scanned.
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  • Sam Founding members Kevin Scott MacMichael guitar and Nick Van Eede vocals met in Halifax, Nova Scotia, while both musicians were on tour with their respective bands.
  • Fidel Star Singles are sheets of paper which you sew to your fabrics, creating perfect half-square triangles every time. At this point, Creach quietly exited the band.
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  • Kyle After Thomas was well enough to tour, the band continued to tour in support of Cannibals.
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  • Preston At the start of 1988, Grace Slick left Starship, reducing the band to the trio of Thomas, Chaquico, and Baldwin.
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  • Darryl Ford recognizes that in certain jurisdictions there are specific laws, regulations, and labor agreements that may apply, and Ford will comply with such requirements. With Thomas the sole lead singer, the revamped lineup released in August 1989 and went on another tour to support the album; recruiting backing singers Christina Marie Saxton and Melisa Kary to fill the gap left by Slick's departure.
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  • Austin Freiberg, however, then dropped out.
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  • Waldo In October 1984, Kantner took legal action over the Jefferson Starship name against his former bandmates. Maybe if they needed a guitar… Craig would play it.
  • Jess Such information shall not be disclosed or caused to be disclosed without proper authorization from Ford. Kantner, a founding member of Jefferson Airplane, the precursor to Jefferson Starship, had also helped found Jefferson Starship in 1974.
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  • Donald Freiberg was dismissed from the band in 1985.
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  • Dominique Released in 1983, Caught in the Game adopted a heavier approach, but was not popular with the record-buying public.
  • Randall After the Cannibals tour wound up in 1990, Chaquico, the last remaining original Jefferson Starship member, handed in his notice.