Temperament test sanguine melancholic choleric phlegmatic. What's your temperament?Are you Sanguine,Melancholic,Phlegmatic or Choleric?

Leon OSPP Four Temperaments Test
  • Hal It doesn't mean your man should have more choleric traits then you. Reserved Phlegmatics are calm and quiet; they are great listeners, but don't assert themselves because they don't want to be a bother.
  • Tyler It only makes sense that we study, grow, and perfect our temperaments together. They influence their environment by overcoming opposition to get results.
Hunter 15 Blends
  • Sidney Soft Sanguines are fun-loving and easy-going. The Sanguine-Choleric is more assertive than the other Sanguine combinations.
  • Merrill The Phlegmatic-Choleric prefers work of a routine nature rather than involvement with people. Quick Reactions Sanguines' moods are all over the place; elatedly high one minute, maudlin and melodramatic the next.
Buford What's your temperament?Are you Sanguine,Melancholic,Phlegmatic or Choleric?
  • Nick Your predominant temperament is the one where you have the highest score; your secondary temperament is where you have your second highest score obviously! He is afraid of corporal acts of penance; only the exceptionally virtuous sanguine succeeds in performing works of penance for many years for sins committed in earlier youth.
Mary Communicating (And Dating!) with the Four Temperaments
  • Steve Neuroticism is the degree of emotional balance of the individual. So choose your partner carefully and make sure your partner is a perfect fit for you.
  • Fernando Slow Reactions Phlegmatics are calm and reserved, and they seek peace and hate change.
Wm The four temperaments: The phlegmatic blends
  • Gilberto The Sanguine-Melancholy needs to be with people most of the time, but some of the time they need to be alone.
  • Ira They are very optimistic, but may lack follow through. And a phlegmatic will continue to work slowly, but thoughtfully, even if the deadline has already arrived.
Luke 16 Personality Temperament Types and Marriage Compatibility
  • Israel This idea is perhaps one of the oldest that looks like a theory of personality.
  • Stefan You can download the following document, print the test, and score yourself.
Rodger Communicating (And Dating!) with the Four Temperaments
  • Delmer They push their way through life trying to persuade others to their point of view. However, once they become attached, it is hard to get people out of their life.
Tracy Four Temperaments: Take the Test and Discover Your Temperament
  • Moises They are determined to make the right and best decision so they will collect lots of information, and ask very specific questions, and sometimes they will ask the same question several times.
  • Rod Try to be objective as you read about your personality type as I have listed a general overview, as well as the positives and negatives of each type.
Troy Four Temperaments: A personality test from Ancient Greece
  • Cyril The melancholic must learn to see the good and joy in all things, to overcome the negativity so easily experienced by their temperament.
  • Numbers They strive to do business in a friendly way while pushing forward to win their objectives and sell their point of view. The Phlegmatic-Choleric is one of the least frequently found patterns.
Ray Free Four Temperament Test with 98% accuracy
  • Dario I am easily hurt, but I find it easy to forgive as well.
Delbert The four temperaments: The phlegmatic blends
  • Chuck They have difficulty confronting or pressuring people.
  • Hector They are able to coordinate events and they are willing eager to delegate responsibilities. They are more consistent and non-emotional than the other Phlegmatic combinations.